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Photo: Beatriz Meseguer/ © 2019 The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Small Strokes
Modern White Building

Conversation participant at The Guggenheim Museum

The tour of the exhibition was spectacular ! Your talk was so interesting and and you had such patience and enabled us to really appreciate the exhibit , Please offer more tours  ! 

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Participante de una conversación en el MoMA

“Gratamente sorprendido con el trabajo de mediación de Angela. Propuso interesantes preguntas sobre artistas como Frida Kahlo y Hector Hippolyte,  sin miedo a cuestionar a artistas europeos o al museo mismo. De paso, pude ver la nueva Tarsila do Amaral del MoMa. 

Angela Gallery .jpg

The Art of conversation program participant

“I truly miss going to your sessions! I always learned something new and it was so stimulating. I loved learning different points of view on the art as well and how in depth our conversation would go.”

Marble Surface

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